• Partnership Disputes

    Partnership Disputes

    We have resolved hundreds of disputes between business partners and understand they are not easy.

    That’s why you need to engage a specialist in resolving these types of disputes.

  • Trade Disputes

    Trade Disputes

    When it comes to business disputes, we have seen them all.

    We are experts at enforcing agreements and intellectual property rights to protect your business.

  • Employee Disputes

    Employee Disputes

    We are all too aware of the damage an employee can do if they defect to a competitor with confidential information.

    We specialise in resolving disputes of this nature.

  • Debt Recovery

    Debt Recovery

    Getting paid on time and in full is so important for every business.

    Our track record proves we know what we are doing.

  • Business Transactions

    Business Transactions

    We are first and foremost business lawyers for business owners.

    We will give you the tools you need to take advantage of commercial opportunities whilst ensuring minimal risk.


Litigation Lawyers

Melbourne’s Go-To Litigation Lawyers for Dispute Resolution

We are litigation lawyers in Melbourne, specialising in commercial cases and dispute resolution. We appreciate that resolving a dispute requires more than just following court processes. You can trust Taurus to be in your corner and fight to deliver results.

We are strong advocates for the early resolution of disputes through the strategic processes of negotiation and mediation.

Strong negotiation carries many benefits, primarily because it enables us to resolve disputes without the need for a court. Only those invested in the matter and their legal representatives are involved, and Taurus has a strong history of successfully negotiating favourable deals for our clients. Achieving resolutions through negotiations will ultimately save you time, money and the stress of going through the court system.

Mediation is the preferred option for all dispute resolutions for many reasons. First of all, it is confidential, and you can avoid your brand going through the court process. It is also much more affordable than court proceedings, and you get a faster outcome.

Taurus provides you with all of the support you need through mediation, which is less emotionally draining than court. In many cases, it can also preserve relationships between the two (or more) parties due to the collaborative nature.

If both negotiation and mediation options are exhausted without an outcome, you can trust our experienced legal team to ensure that you get a favourable result in court. However, our priority is always to achieve a swift and just outcome for you before it reaches this point.

Why choose our Melbourne commercial litigation lawyers?

Our team’s extensive experience in the field of commercial litigation has also granted Taurus an in-depth knowledge of alternative dispute resolution strategies. We pride ourselves on providing tailored outside-the-box solutions, such as the other party’s buyouts or positioning a regulator to handle the dispute.

Our goal is to try and avoid litigation as much as possible, and deliver favourable outcomes to our clients without the process being drawn out through effective dispute resolution.

Fast results are the optimal outcome, as costs and stress levels significantly increase when matters are taken to court, even if the proceedings are rapid. Our goal is always to minimise these factors and deliver a favourable outcome in the shortest time frame possible.

Providing you with the best possible outcome

Dispute resolutions give you the platform to tell your side of the story and hear the opposing party’s full version to take into account each other’s stance and needs. Once the emotion has eased, and the matter(s) are heard in a formal setting, both parties are more likely to empathise with the other side.

In many cases, effective strategies can help preserve relationships, which can be very important if the matter is employment or personal.

Through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), we will guide you through the mediation, arbitration and expert determination processes, which are highly effective in resolving these matters.

In cases where a negotiated outcome is deemed impossible, we have the skill and litigation expertise to deliver a successful outcome by employing the court process.

Through this process, we will always strive to achieve a successful outcome in as short a timeframe as possible to minimise the stress and grief that accompanies the procedure. Our professional team will be your advocate and allow your voice to be heard in court in cases where you believe the opposing party or parties have wronged you.

We leave no stone unturned in reaching a fair outcome, ensuring that you can get the justice you deserve and both parties can move on with their lives. You may also be interested in Intellectual Property.

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