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Litigation/Dispute Resolution

We are litigation lawyers in Melbourne specialised in commercial cases and dispute resolution, we appreciate that resolving a dispute requires more than just following court processes. You can trust Taurus to be in your corner, and fight to deliver results.


We are strong advocates for the early resolution of disputes through the strategic processes of negotiation and mediation.


Why choose our Melbourne commercial litigation lawyers?

Our team’s extensive experience in the field of commercial litigation has also granted Taurus an in-depth knowledge of alternative dispute resolution strategies. We pride ourselves on the provision of tailored ‘outside the box’ solutions, such as buyouts of the other party, or positioning a regulator to handle the dispute.

Our goal, through effective dispute resolution, is to try and avoid litigation as much as possible and deliver favourable outcomes to our clients without the process being drawn out.

This is the optimal outcome, as costs and stress levels significantly increase when matters are taken to court, even if the proceedings are rapid.

Dispute resolutions give you the platform to tell your side of the story and also hear the full version of the opposing party so you can both take into account each other’s stance and needs.

In many cases, effective strategies can help preserve relationships, which can be very important if the matter is of an employment or personal nature.

Through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), we will guide you through the mediation, arbitration and expert determination processes which are highly effective in resolving these matters.

In cases where a negotiated outcome is deemed impossible, we have the skill and litigation expertise to deliver a successful outcome by employing the court process.

Through this process, we will always strive to achieve a successful outcome in as short a timeframe as possible to minimise the stress and grief that goes along with the process. Our professional team will be your advocate and will allow your voice to be heard in court in cases where you believe you have been wronged by the opposing party or parties.

We leave no stone unturned in reaching a fair outcome, ensuring that you can get the justice you deserve and both parties can move on with their lives.

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